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Ways to help

1. Help us Identify who needs a meal.

Our goal is to reach affected families of first responders, doctors, nurses, hospital staff and anyone who needs a kindness meal.

So please email us at and let us, who would you like to share a kindness meal with in our area of Boca Raton, FL.

Remember is not always about financial need, for us it is clear, the importance of emotional support. We want to show gratitude to our frontiners, and give them a night off from cooking. Give them time to be with their families and heat up a gourmet meal for mom and dad.

2. Donate to our cause

On our home page you will find a link to Paypal. Thank you for all your donations.

After we learned about Covid -19 and we began "personal lockdown", and the first delivery of food arrived, Cris and I decided that the money we would have spend going out to dinner for the time being be put toward a neighborhood food bank, so that we could create as many meals as possible. What started as a way for food not to go to waste, has grown into a small gesture of kindness at someone's door. Help us, keep helping others! And THANK YOU.

3. Donate Food and Pantry Essentials

What is low in our pantry:

  • Flour (All Purpose, Bread, Etc)

  • Beans (Canned - Black, Red, Garbanzo, White - Any Kind)

  • Olive Oil

  • Olive Pan Spray

  • Walnuts or any baking nuts

  • Butane Cans (BU-6 Butane Fuel for appliance use)

4. Donate Meal Containers

We have plenty of containers at this time thanks to your generosity!

Your support is the inspiration and difference in someone's day.

Thank you for all your donations, helping us help others.


Your donations matter, we see it everyday. THANK YOU!!

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