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The Hearth-healthy Option

May 1st

Happy Friday everyone! Quick note, Sunday we are honored to do a special delivery to the Hospital staff of North Broward. Next delivery will be Wednesday May 6th. Hope everyone enjoyed today’s heart-healthy meal.

Today’s Menu: · Fire-Roasted Chicken Breast · With Balsamic Apricot Verjus · Roasted Baby Carrots, Asparagus & Zucchini · White Rice · & Goat Cheese Golden Tomato Gratineé

Big Thanks to Hospitality Helping Hands of West Palm Beach, Brendon & Melissa Brennan of Boca Raton, Susana Troop of Southern Specialties of Pompano Beach, Holly & Rick Simmons of Highland Beach, for their generous donation; and Captain Andrew Popowicz and his wife, Nurse Jenn for coordinating the logistics of many meals.

We can’t thank you enough.

Blessed to donate 5 meals in the name of Ingrid Gunnlaugsson.

98 meals delivered.

So far we have shared 1332 meals 🧡

People helping people.


Stay safe and healthy Chef Keith & Cris Clifford Check out videos of all the meals we have shared:

Hospitality Helping Hands Melissa Brennan Rick Simmons Holly Simmons Susana Valenzuela-Troop Andrew Popowicz @ingrid gunnlaugsson

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